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What happens when your Check Engine Light comes on?

Imagine you’re driving your BMW, Mini Cooper or Mercedes down the road in San Marcos, CA and your check engine light turns on. What do you do? You probably have an initial reaction of fear, combined with anger and panic. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! But as you keep driving (yes, we know you keep driving) you don’t notice any changes in the way your vehicle is driving, and this allows you to calm down. All-to-soon that initial panic is forgotten, and even though your check engine light is still lit, you self-diagnose the light itself as being broken, and not your automobile. Sound familiar?

At Bavarian Master Care, we hear this story quite often, usually when people are bringing in their cars that have broken down on the side of the road because they ignored this dashboard warning. So our expert mechanics thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on this mysterious car part.

What does the check engine light in my car do?

Your car’s check engine light is a warning. It is connected to your vehicle’s computer system, which controls a number of different things in your cars, such as your engine, emissions, fuel system and more. When something is wrong – or is about to be wrong – with one of these systems, the check engine light turns on letting you know. At this point, you should take your car to Bavarian Master Care shop for check engine light diagnostics in San Marcos, CA.

Can I drive with my check engine light on?

Sometimes you can, but you really shouldn’t. We can’t stress this enough! Like we said before, this is a warning light. The more you drive around with it on, the more damage you are doing to your automobile. In many cases, if you take your car in right away the issue can be fixed much more quickly and easily than if you wait and keep driving. Bringing your vehicle in sooner can also save you money if your mechanic can catch the issue before it becomes a full-blown repair.

Check Engie Light.JPG

What causes this light to turn on?

There are too many possible car issues that could cause your check engine light to turn on to even list here. But a few of the more common car problems are:

  • A loose gas cap

  • A blown gasket head

  • Faulty oxygen sensors

  • Worn out spark plugs

  • Loose or cracked hoses

  • Sticky exhaust gas recirculation valves

  • Faulty fuel injector

How can Bavarian Master Care help?

At Bavarian Master Care, our mechanics are skilled, ASE Certified Technicians, and we help people properly diagnose and repair these check engine issues all the time. We have the latest equipment and diagnostic technology to properly read the codes that your car’s computer gives us, and the high-quality parts to replace or repair the problem. Our friendly team also makes sure to answer all of your questions to keep you informed throughout the process. We know how annoying it is when your check engine light turns on in San Marcos, but we’re here to make your experience easy and enjoyable!

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